The central theme of the firm’s design is space, light, air, water and sky.
The firm acknowledges a quality of lifestyle that appreciates a well‐tempered environment for congenial living.
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Beyond the basic call for food and shelter, man invariably strives for perfection;
in the arts,
in architecture, in life.
The works by Toh Yiu Kwong Architects is testament to these same endeavours.

We seek to elevate the human spirit in our architecture.

The firm believes that simplicity is the essence of elegance.

We design with simple lines, elegant expressions.
We plan with a clear definition of form and function.
We work with shadows and shade to delineate,
and clarify form and function in our architecture.

We believe that a building with character
becomes more valuable than one that is merely fashionable.

A building is meant to last forever.
It should be stylistic, never fashionable.

Its design must be flexible in concept, allowing it to remain relevant over time.
Spaces must be designed so that they will evolve,
along with changing tastes and different needs
and meet the challenges of new technological changes.

The central theme of the firm’s design is always about
and sky.

These are the design ingredients
in all of the firm’s projects.

The firm’s strength is in the design of space.

It works its space design composition with the use of
colour and light,
gaiety and activity,
space and texture.

Toh Yiu Kwong Architects believes in total architecture.

The shell of a building is just as important as the people who are to live in it.
Architecture must be relevant to meet the needs of those who dwell in them.

The basis of design in response to our tropical climate is always to bring the outdoors in.

Let the outdoor space become an extension of the indoor, and vice versa.

The firm centres its design towards a lifestyle
that appreciates a well-tempered environment for tropical living;

the trickling fountain
the rustle of delicate leaves
the dappled light
the reticulated pool patterns
the small sounds of tranquil waters
the place for sun and shade.

These are the ingredients for congenial living.

Architecture is therefore not about making a building.
It is about creating spaces,
for living,
for quiet contemplation,
for people to live in, to work in.

Equanimity, health and introspection,
they all must find their place there.